Nordic Championship 2017

The weekend of 12-13th August 2017

the Nordic Championship in Trial

will be arranged at

  Kråkerøy Trial Club

in Fredrikstad, Norway!

Registration and additional rules are available at:

Application deadline 7th August 2017

Event info also available on KTC-facebookside

Kråkerøy Trial Club på Facebook

There will be practitioners from all over the Nordic region, so this weekend will bring lots of excitement and fun. We are planning a super weekend , no matter what the weather will bring.

Saturday is an individually championship, while Sunday is the team championship.
Both days there is the possibility of enrollment in unofficial classes!!

Remember to include licensees from the motorsport federation, petition and vehicle license.

Open kiosk at the club all weekend! Exact opening hours will be stated later.
Cash, card, and «Vipp’s»!

Nearby accommodations:

Motell and camping:

We warmly welcome you all!


Administrative and technical insp.: At the clubhouse.
kl.17.00-19.30 friday
kl.08.00-09.00, 18.00-20.30 saturday
kl. 0800-09.00 sunday

Toilet / shower:
At the clubhouse and Kråkerøy Ungdomsskole

Cleaning Space:
Behind the clubhouse.

Inspection of the sections are NOT allowed prior to the start of the event.
Practicing in the sections of the Trial is forbidden under penalty of disqualification.
The riders are allowed to inspect the sections on foot during the event.

Minders are NOT allowed inside the sections unless given permission by the observers and then only for security reasons while their driver is driving in the section.
Each rider may register one Assistant to accompany him on the course and carry tools.
The registered assistant may use a valid National Trial license in his own country.


Environmental mats shall be used for gasoline filling, work on motorcycle and parking. It is not allowed to fill gasoline in the terrain.
Depot will be opened at 16.00 Friday the 11’th of August. When arriving, please follow the crew’s guidance.
Any use of drugs in the depot or in the trial area is prohibited.
All driving in the depot, outside the selection area against the trial area and outside the trial area is prohibited and may result in exclusion.
Driving on asphalt/road shall only take place in designated areas and shall take place at a speed of travel.
For connection of power (230vac) in the depot is charged 100nkr. a day pr. residential unit.

Training Area:
Training in the terrain is only allowed in a marked map area. Info / maps available / lookup at clubhouse. No driving after 21:00 and before 07:00. There must be peace in the depot from 23:00.


Payment Team Championship:
Entry fee (team total) can be paid to:

Kråkerøy Trial Club
1670 Kråkerøy
Bank account number: 1000.31.61205

Bank: DNB
A/C for international payments: NO44 1000 3161 205

Note payment Nordic Team Championship 2017 + name of the team and class.
Bring printed receipt / payment confirmation.
We also accept entry fee in cash upon attendance.
Rider 30 euro (280nkr.)
Assistant 15 euro (140nkr.)